Hit the road with confidence.

No matter what kind of driving you do, Hum has the connected car solution that works for you. With multiple tiers of products, from just the basics to a more robust feature package, there’s something for everyone.

Google Assistant

Your car now has a voice thanks to Hum with the Google Assistant. Check your fuel status, receive maintenance reminders, plus, get the answers you want from Google all with the push of a button.

Vehicle Diagnostics

Hit the road without hesitation. You can check your car’s health from your phone and detect issues before you go.

Mechanics Hotline

Call for car help. Connect to certified mechanics with Hum for personalized, unbiased advice on vehicle issues, estimated repair prices and much more.

Crash Response

Get peace of mind knowing you’re never really alone on the road. If Hum detects a crash, it can automatically notify emergency services and send help your way.

Pinpoint Roadside Assistance

With so much that can go wrong on the road, know you can get 24/‍7 roadside assistance sent to your location, even if you’re unsure of where you are.

Wi-Fi Hotspot (Hum× only)

Turn your car into a mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot. Connect up to 10 devices to Verizon’s nationwide 4G LTE network, so you and your family can stream, game, and surf — all on the go.

Speed & Boundary Alerts

Get notified if your car exceeds your set speed limit or crosses your custom boundaries, no matter who’s driving.

Stolen Vehicle Assistance

Help authorities find your missing vehicle by connecting to an agent who can aid police in finding your car using its real-time location.

Safety Score

See how you score against friends and family when it comes to safety. Hum uses your phone to create a score based on your acceleration, speed, braking, cornering, and phone use while driving.

Maintenance Reminders

Never forget an oil change, tire rotation, or tune-up again. Set maintenance reminders and receive text or email alerts on your phone with Hum by Verizon.


Go from point A to point B and everywhere in between. Get turn-by-turn directions with traffic updates, route options, and see posted speed limits as well as your current speed

Vehicle Location

See where your cars are now and where they’re going. Whether parked or on-the-move, you’re able to view the location of all your Hum-equipped vehicles in near real time.

Driving History

Track your car’s activity like you track your steps. Get vehicle location history, detailed stats by trip or drive, and vehicle data such as average speed, miles traveled, and so much more.


Take calls from anyone and make calls to three of your favorite contacts from the Hum× Speaker, even if you leave your phone behind.

What Is It?

See Hum.com for full information on the Hum lineup.

  • The app that encourages safe driving habits and keeps you connected with friends and family.
  • Download the Hum App with basic features for free so you know where they’re going and when they get to their destination safely.
  • The connected car technology that helps you keep your car ready for the road ahead.
  • Hum+ has vehicle location and diagnostics, Pinpoint Roadside Assistance, plus Crash Detection so you can stay in the know, keep your car going and keep your family safe.
  • The ultimate connected car technology that empowers you to hit the road with confidence and peace of mind.
  • Humx includes a Bluetooth speaker for access to Pinpoint Roadside Assistance, emergency services, and expert auto advice– all with the push of a button, even if you can’t reach your phone.
  • And with Live Assist, if Hum detects a crash, you can be connected to emergency services even if you’re unable to call for help.


Visit www.Hum.com/compatibility to check vehicle eligibility.

  • Not all vehicle brands, years, makes, or models work well with Hum.
    • Hum works with most vehicles 1996 or newer.
  • The Humx has a new, smaller 4G LTE OBD Reader. 
    • The new Humx OBD Reader is the same size as the Hum+ new 4G LTE OBD Reader.

How It Works

Hum System

The Hum system is made up of three main components (i.e., OBD Reader, Speaker and Hum App).

  • Hum plugs into the customer’s vehicle’s On-board Diagnostics port (OBD-II) and connects the customer’s vehicle to Verizon’s wireless network. 
  • If the customer’s car has an issue, the customer can get more detailed information than a simple engine light provides. 
  • The customer can use the Hum App to keep tabs on their car’s pinpoint location and driving history.
OBD Reader
  • A small device that plugs into the customer’s car’s OBD-II port and enables Hum service.
  • The OBD-II port is usually found under the steering wheel.
  • The Gen2 OBD Reader has a removable SIM, but it is not compatible with any other SIM and must not be removed.
    • The Hum SIM in the box is locked to the IMEI of that device and must never be swapped for another SIM (doing so bricks the device). 
  • Effective 6/28/18, the Humx has a smaller OBD Reader and the Hum+ has a new 4G LTE OBD Reader.
  • Visit Hum.com/port for additional help finding the OBD port.
Hum App

Hum customers access:

  • Hum mobile app (on a smartphone)
  • Customer portal (on the web)

Customers can access:

  • Customizable Widget Based Dashboard with Flexible Layout
    • Users can: 
      • Enable/disable the device.
      • Reorder the layout of widgets on dashboard.
  • Alerts (speed and boundary)
    • Users can monitor:
      • If the vehicle exceeds a specific speed
      • When vehicle enters/exits a specific geofence
  • Map with Locate Single and Multiple vehicles
    • Users can 
      • View single or multiple vehicles on a map.
      • Quickly view whether there is an issue with a vehicle.
      • Focus on a single and watch in real-time as vehicle moves.
  • Auto Health
    • User can: 
      • Receive notifications when the vehicle triggers a DTC issue.
    • Review Diagnostics (RepairPal integration coming soon).
  • Maintenance Reminders
    • Users can: 
      • Schedule a maintenance reminder based on time, miles driven or both.
      • Mark if a maintenance reminder is complete.
    • Customers with Hum+ or Humx can enable automatic reminders based on their vehicle dealer’s recommended maintenance schedule.
  • Driving History with Trip Visualization (device-based)
    • Users can: 
      • View a vehicle’s driving history at the summary or trip level.
      • View driving history for a week, month, year or custom period.
      • View individual trip details for a week, month, year or custom period
      • Mark a trip as business.
      • Export trip details to CSV format with the option to only export business trips. 
      • View individual trip maps on a daily basis (limited to the last 10 days).
Speaker – Humx
  • Humx supports Google Assistant.
  • CS Button: Press the CS button anytime to access to Hum CS and Roadside Assistance 24/7 or connect to Mechanics Hotline (Mon – Fri, 7 AM – 11 PM and Sat 9 AM-5 PM).
  • Bluetooth Handsfree Calling: For handsfree calls, press the Call button to place an outgoing call.
    • Press the button again to end the call.
  • 24/7 Emergency Assistance:If Hum detects a crash, the Hum System connects the customer to Verizon’s emergency response center through the Speaker. 
    • The emergency response center dispatches help to the customer’s location (even if the customer is unable to respond). 
    • Trained agents can stay on the line with the customer until help arrives or the customer feels safe. 
    • The Emergency Assistance button can also be manually pressed in an Emergency.
  • The Humx offers Crash Response. 
    • Customers can feel secure knowing that they can have access to emergency help at the touch of a button (even if they cannot reach their phone). 
    • If Hum detects a crash, the customer can be connected to emergency services (even if they are unable to call for help).