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Check Verizon Port Status

Same Number. Better Network.

Keep your current number when you switch to Verizon.

Check if you're eligible to transfer your number, or check your transfer status.

You must be an authorized account holder to make the switch.
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Same Number.
Better Network.

Keep your current number when you switch to Verizon.

Check if you're eligible to transfer your number, or check your transfer status.

You must be an authorized account holder to make the switch.
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Quick tips for smooth transition

Don't cancel your current service before switching to Verizon.

Have your current bill ready; we'll need your account number.

Double-check your contract with your current provider for any contract obligations you may have, like an early termination fee.

Have an alternate contact number for emergencies just in case your transfer takes longer than anticipated.

How it works

Your old phone will work during the transfer process, while your new Verizon Wireless phone will be able to make but not receive phone calls.

Wireless numbers usually take 4-24 hours to transfer, while landline numbers can take 2-10 business days.

We'll send you a free text to let you know when you're all set.

If your new phone doesn't work after the transfer time, please call 888.844.7095 from another phone and the Port Center will help you.
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About bringing your number

How do I bring my phone number to Verizon from another carrier?

When you activate a new line with Verizon you'll have the option to transfer your current mobile or landline number from another carrier.

You can also visit our Switch to Verizon page online or visit a store to transfer your number to Verizon.
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How do I know if I can bring my number?

Most phone numbers are eligible to be brought to Verizon:*

- Some numbers may not be eligible based on geography, service area coverage, technology or ownership of the line you're transferring the number from.
- Check if your phone number is eligible on our Switch to Verizon page.

*Local Number Portability, a government mandate, requires mobile and landline service providers to let customers keep their eligible phone numbers when switching carriers.

How long will it take to bring my number to Verizon?

How long it takes to bring your number to Verizon depends on your old carrier and on when you activate your device on the Verizon network. We text you a link to track the status of your number transfer.

Typical timelines are:
- Mobile – 4-24 business hours to complete your transfer.
- Landline – 2-10 business days to complete your transfer.

Note: These are average time frames. With certain circumstances, it could take more or less time.

How do I bring a number from another service provider to replace my Verizon mobile number?

You can replace your existing Verizon mobile number with a phone number from another carrier. Visit the Change Mobile Number page in My Verizon.
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What information will I need to provide when bringing my number to Verizon?

To start the process of bringing your number, we need to know:

- The current active number that you want to bring to Verizon.
- The account number of your old service provider as it appears on your bill.
Note: If you’re starting the number transfer process in person, bring your most recent bill.

- A security code. Depending on your carrier, this may be a Number Transfer PIN, security PIN, account PIN or password. It's specific to the line/number, it's not the log-in code for your account.
- Another number where we can reach you during the transfer process (other than the number you’re bringing to Verizon).

Need more time to gather this information? Choose "transfer later." We'll text you a link you can use when you're ready.

What happens when I bring my number to a new Verizon line?

Here's what happens when you bring your number to a new line at Verizon:

- During the number transfer process, you still have service with your previous carrier. Your new Verizon line can make calls but can't receive them and texting may not work.

- We text you when your number transfer is complete.

- Program your phone with our texted instructions right away.

- Once your number transfer is done, all your mobile service will be through Verizon.
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Before you bring your number

What should I do before I bring my number to Verizon?

Before you bring your number to Verizon:

- Make sure your number's not locked with your current service provider.
- Have a Verizon SIM or e-SIM for it to work on the Verizon network.
- Provide the required information.

What is my account number and/or account PIN from my previous carrier, and where can I find it?

You can locate your account number from your previous carrier on your billing statement, which can likely be found on their mobile app, or their website.

The account PIN that you created with your previous carrier will be 4-6 digits. This is different from the Number Transfer PIN.

Should I cancel my existing service before bringing my mobile number to Verizon?

When you're bringing your number to Verizon from another carrier, don't cancel your existing service. Once your number transfer is complete, your old provider's account will disconnect automatically.

Note: Make sure you don't have any pending orders before you transfer your number.

What does it cost to bring my number to Verizon?

We don't charge a fee for a number transfer. Depending on your old carrier's terms, you may be responsible for an Early Termination Fee (ETF) or other accrued charges. These might include any remaining balance for device payments, if you have them.